Emilie Guillemain and Sabi Collection

In August 2012 I was inspired by a wooden jewellery designer featured in Brisbane’s Map magazine. As a huge lover of wood and jewellery that tells a story I was instantly attracted to the artist’s creations. After having a look through the series of necklaces online at Sabi Collection, I was inspired to send designer Jill Mckeown a short written piece reflecting who I am and seeing if she would be willing to design a necklace purely based on those words. Although strangers from opposite ends of the world, Jill welcomed the idea with open arms and a week later, I wrote the piece ‘The Hunter’.



Into the palms, into the creases of the skin

Into the paws, marking the earth beneath


Into the legs, into the movement of the muscles

Into the fur, bending backwards in the wind


Into the back, into the vertebrae of the spine

Into the tail, following swift and sharp


Into the ears, into the shape of the cartilage

Into the points, pricked high and alert


Into the teeth, into the tissue glowing white

Into the canines, dripping with focused desire


Into the heart, thumping and pumping the blood

Into the hunter, hungry for intimacy’s flesh


Into the fire, rushing and burning through your veins

Into the soul, wild and present in your breath.


In the weeks that followed, Jill crafted a truly intricate and personal piece of jewellery through her interpretation of the words in the poem. I was thrilled with her creation and so grateful for the experience of blending two art forms to create something profoundly special.

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